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Attorney Maria Hart Quoted in Two National Publications regarding Overtime Regulations
June 24, 2016

Maria O. Hart, an associate in the firm’s Boise office, was quoted in articles in The Huffington Post and Forbes regarding recent Department of Labor policy changes and how to avoid being subject to an overtime lawsuit. These policy changes will impact many employers, as millions of additional employees who were originally exempt may now qualify for overtime starting December 1, 2016.  

In speaking with The Huffington Post article author, CEO of TSHeets Matt Rissell, Maria said: “Policies, procedures, and the law are the golden triangle when it comes to preparing for a change like the new FLSA overtime regulations. Neglect one area, and you open the door to lawsuits. Give all three the proper attention they deserve, and you’re going to be in pretty good shape.”

Huffington Post Article

“It’s always good business practice to have an overtime policy in place. Having a policy plays a big part in protecting a business against wage and hours disputes” said Maria, in the Forbes article titled “One Thing You Can Do Today to Protect Yourself Against FLSA Lawsuits,” also written by TSheets CEO Matt Rissell.


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