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Parsons Behle & Latimer’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy team leverages the skills and experience of firm professionals to provide unparalleled guidance to clients of every size who direct data. We understand privacy, we understand cybersecurity and we understand how to manage an incident response. Our team has administered complex, holistic privacy and security programs throughout a range of organizations of all sizes. 

At the core of our offering are privacy and security counseling related to incident response and investigations; cyber resilience; and mergers and acquisitions. Our team can also address one-off privacy and security issues or help your organization develop, implement and manage your privacy and security program from the ground up.

Incident Response and Investigations

  • We provide strategic advice to clients to contain and remediate breaches and security incidents, identify the root cause, determine information affected and restore normal business operations.
  • Our team works with clients to oversee compliance with state, federal and international notification law.
  • We coordinate with forensic experts and credit monitoring vendors; conduct insider interviews to obtain information and protect company interests; and act as liaison to affected customers, local and federal law enforcement; and government agencies.
  • Our team can mitigate negative PR, both internally and externally and achieve indemnification from applicable insurance carriers and other third parties.

Cyber Resilience

  • Our team works with clients to develop customized data management and security programs including Information Security, Incident Response, Acceptable Use, Retention and Destruction, Email/Communication and Remote Access policies.
  • We provide training to employees on proper data hygiene and Board and C-suite executives on data security standards and best practices. And we assist clients in obtaining the proper insurance coverage to minimize risk and amending third-party agreements to protect against future incidents.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Our team interviews key employees to assess a company’s cybersecurity acumen and compliance. We recommend necessary mitigation steps and draft representations and warranties for data security and privacy.

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