Estate Protection Plan Programs

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What is the Purpose of the EPP Benefit?

Small to medium-sized businesses frequently offer benefit programs to attract, retain and reward employees. The EPP program is just such a plan, providing discounted Life & Estate Planning legal services to protect you, your loved ones and your assets (including company benefits such as qualified retirement plans and life insurance) from a wide variety of tax and non-tax related threats.

Who is eligible to participate in EPP?

All current and former (retired or disabled) employees (regardless of their status as full – or part-time) and members of their families. This includes your children, parents and siblings.


What are the typical fees for life and estate planning Legal Services?

This is a good question, and like most questions you ask an attorney the answer is “it depends.” All of our plans are customized for you and your family. The cost depends on your unique situation, what planning you require, whether a simple will is adequate, or whether you need much more involved tax and asset protection planning. Once we ascertain what type of planning you need, we will quote you a range of fees for that type of plan. If you feel the fee quoted represents good value and wish to proceed, we will engage in designing you plan and give you a firm quote, before any work is done. All of our planning is done on a “flat fee” basis. You will know the costs before we begin, there are no additional hourly charges, charges for copies or telephone calls; the fee quoted is what you pay.

How Much is the EPP Discount?

The EPP discount for our services is 20%.

How Do Your Fees Compare With the Fees Charged by Other Law Firms for the Same or Similar Services?

That is an appropriate and fair question. We are neither the lowest nor the highest-priced provider. Our range of fees is competitive for the market area and an exceptional value for services rendered. The EPP discount enhances that value for you and your family.