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Natural Resources Industry Liquidity, Compliance and Operational Challenges
April 01, 2020

Parsons attorneys have lived through difficult times with our clients over the many cycles that have affected natural resources companies across several decades. We have former inhouse lawyers who helped their clients navigate the 2008-09 crash as well as lawyers who have navigated facility specific emergencies. A webinar was held on April 1, addressing a range of topics we are seeing emerge, including:

  • Liquidity challenges
  • Financing and Relief Package Options
  • Bankruptcy options
  • Receivable issues
  • Supplier disputes
  • Insurance issues
  • Temporary closures and care and maintenance issues
  • Reclamation and Bonding Pressures
  • Enforcement relief options
  • Permitting challenges
  • Essential and Critical Industries issues


 Webinar Recording


Presentation Slides


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