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Parsons Behle & Latimer believes in beginning any matter with learning the full extent of the client’s goals. We offer a complete range of services in the areas of trust, estate, probate and fiduciary litigation. Our firm is also experienced in alternative dispute resolution to probate, guardianship and trust matters. Whether informal negotiation or formal litigation is needed, Parsons can assist you through the process.

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients establish estate plans to accommodate complex family issues. In those situations where litigation becomes necessary, we have attorneys experienced to handle such litigation. Examples include:

  • Will contests;
  • Inheritance disputes;
  • Trust disputes;
  • Guardian and conservatorship actions;
  • Claims against fiduciaries; and more.

Complex and high-dollar estate disputes often involve ancillary areas of law, such as tax, real estate and business succession. Parsons has the resources of our other well-qualified firm attorneys to assist with these issues. Whatever your issue may be, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our estate litigation practice.


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Nelsen v. Nelsen

On April 19, 2022, the Idaho Supreme Court issued its opinion in Nelsen v. Nelsen, ruling in favor of Slade D. Sokol and Richard H. Greener's clients on six of the seven issues. The 40-page opinion addressed numerous evidentiary issues, the summary judgment standard where a dispute is decided by the trial court rather than a jury, as well as claims involving testamentary capacity, undue influence, and the interpretation of Idaho operating agreements. The Idaho Supreme Court also formally declined to adopt the tort of intentional interference with an expected inheritance. This opinion was a significant win for Parsons' clients, and one that will likely be cited many times in the future.

Successfully Obtained Relief Sought in a Trust Dispute Case - $2M in Cash

In a trust dispute case, shareholders Fredric V. Shoemaker and Slade D. Sokol were ultimately able to obtain the relief sought by our client: the sale of trust-owned real estate and nearly $2 million in cash, distributed to the client beneficiary. Shoemaker and Sokol were also able to successfully defend against the trustees’ argument that the "no contest" language in the trust agreement was invoked, and the client was disinherited due to the relief sought. The court disagreed and ruled in favor of the beneficiary on this issue. 

Return of Trust Funds and Pre-Judgment Interest for Clients

Obtained a judgment on behalf of a group of trust beneficiaries to prevent a trustee’s attempt to abscond with millions of dollars of life insurance policy proceeds that were trust assets. Also obtained a pre-judgment interest award to compensate the beneficiaries for the lost investment opportunities from the trustee’s attempt to take the funds.