If you are interested in joining a law firm where you can expand your practice while being supported in a collegial and collaborative environment, Parsons Behle & Latimer is your firm.

Lateral Attorneys

At Parsons Behle & Latimer, in an effort to provide the best service for our clients, we attract, hire and retain the best attorneys. We are always seeking to add motivated, highly-qualified lateral attorneys to our team. We place a high value on diversity, equity and inclusion, and we are always looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We welcome experienced attorneys from a variety of locations. Some come to us from within our own respective communities. Others come to us from far away cities with a desire to perform the highest quality legal work in thriving Western states where we have offices like Utah, Idaho, Montana and Nevada and Wyoming. These are communities where you will have the advantages of city life while also enjoying vast recreational opportunities at your doorstep.

Parsons is the ideal combination of a law firm that is small enough where everyone still knows everyone else but is large enough to support you to be your very best. We have the capabilities and range to take on our clients’ most complex legal challenges in a wide variety of industries. Our attorneys are experienced, decorated, well-respected and produce the highest quality legal work. They share the common thread of wanting to work for a mid-sized, resourceful, deep, and yet closely-knit law firm.

When you arrive at Parsons, your journey is just beginning. We provide our attorneys with the resources to achieve success in the legal marketplace. To that end we invest heavily in our attorneys and offer them opportunities to engage in business development training and initiatives. Additionally, lateral attorneys are not only welcomed, they are highly valued from the moment they join the law firm. They are essential team members that contribute to our clients' success as well as the success of the firm. One example of this is that our firm leadership is comprised of many lateral attorneys from a variety of different backgrounds and different experiences. Many of our lateral attorneys come from other firms but they stay here. This isn’t a stop. This is a destination. Our track record proves it.

We hope that you will consider joining our team. You won’t regret it. If you are an experienced attorney and are interested in applying or learning more about the opportunities at Parsons Behle & Latimer, please contact Mike Bailey, Director of Strategic Growth.