Blockchain & Digital Currency

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Blockchain technology and related applications, including cryptocurrencies, present opportunities for disruptive innovation in fields as diverse as financial transactions, distributed data storage, digital identity, among many others. Blockchain-based technological innovations and solutions are being increasingly developed and deployed to enhance transactional efficiency, all the while reducing friction and enhancing trust. Because blockchain-based technologies have the potential to radically transform the way business is done, billions of dollars have been invested in emerging companies that have developed or are developing blockchain-based solutions to various problems.

Located in the technology hub of Silicon Slopes, Utah, Parsons Behle has assembled a cross-functional team of attorneys with national expertise in various legal practice areas that intersect with blockchain technology. Accordingly, we are well-placed to assist clients in the blockchain space to navigate the evolving legal and regulatory landscapes.

Our team has the necessary technical expertise that enables us to grasp intricate technical issues and, ultimately, allows us to render cost-effective legal services to blockchain-related ventures. In advising clients seeking to harness the potential of blockchain technology while seeking to make sense of the various legal and regulatory issues, our team leverages the firm’s extensive national expertise in various relevant areas including new entity formation and general corporate advice, securities regulation and litigation, banking and finance, intellectual property, commercial transactions, data privacy and security, and commercial litigation.

Among our team members are thought leaders on the intersection between blockchain and the law. Thus, not only do we recognize the technical merits and the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and related applications, we understand the complex legal and regulatory issues faced by companies involved in the blockchain and digital currency space. Simply stated, we get blockchain and digital currencies.