The Step-By-Step Guide to Handling Construction Disputes

When disputes arise on their construction projects, your clients will come to you looking for a favorable resolution. This program will walk you through the basics of litigating and resolving construction claims. Our seasoned faculty will teach you how to calculate damages, clarify complex insurance and indemnification issues, and provide real-world advice on working with expert witnesses and evidence uncovered in discovery. Be prepared to handle construction disputes from initial claim to litigation and trial - register today!

  • Stop disputes before they begin by fine-tuning key contract provisions.
  • Know how to handle payment issues, bid protests, defects, and other common construction claims.
  • Support damage claims with air-tight proof of damages or loss.
  • Understand how limitation of liability clauses interact with insurance and indemnification provisions.
  • Draft and negotiate dispute resolution provisions that protect your clients.
  • Get practical tips on preparing the case for trial.

On demand video available here.