Division B: Emergency Appropriations By Title and Department Billions 
Title I: Agriculture $34.9
Title II: Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies $3.079
Title III: Defense $10.5
Title IV: Energy, Water, and Related Agencies $0.221
Title V: Financial Services and General Government $1.82
Title VI: Homeland Security $45.873
Title VII: Bureau of Indian Affairs $2
Title VIII: Labor, HHS, Education, and Related Agencies $172.1
Title IX: Federal Legislative Branch $0.093
Title X: Veteran Affairs and Related Agencies $19.57
Title XI: State Department $1.115
Title XII: Transportation and Housing $48.5

Table Source and Additional Info: Vice Chairman Appropriations Committee Summary


 Appropriations of Interest

  • 9.5 billion for agricultural, livestock, and dairy producers. Agricultural producers include those that supply farmers markets, restaurants and schools.
  • 51 billion for SNAP.
  • 8 billion for the Child Nutrition Program.
  • 5 million for the cost of loans for rural business development under Section 310B of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.
  • 25 million to support distance learning, telemedicine, and broadband in rural communities
  • 100 million in grants to provide rural access to broadband.
  • 5 billion for public works assistance.
  • 400 million for election assistance.
  • 200 million to facilitate telehealth services.
  • 345 million for dislocated workers.
  • 900 million for low-income housing assistance.
  • 5 billion for block grants to support child care providers.
  • 10 billion in grants for airports.
  • 25 billion in transit infrastructure grants.
  • 562 million to SBA for disaster loans
  • 45 billion for the disaster relief fund: 25 billion must be declared major disasters under 42 USC 5121.
  • 100 million for TSA to increase sanitization at airports

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