Parsons is knowledgeable and ready to represent its clients on all virtual platforms in order to facilitate matters being heard timely and economically by the courts. In late June, Parsons conducted what is likely the first on-line, federal trial by video in Utah after Utah courts closed its doors to live trials due to the pandemic.

Attorneys Liz Mellem and John Cooper, supported by paralegal Julie Emery, represented their client before Judge Nuffer in a bench trial conducted via Zoom video conferencing. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, Judge Nuffer proposed and encouraged proceeding with the bench trial by Zoom so that the parties could have their dispute heard timely.

During the trial, Liz and John examined witnesses, argued motions and authority, and seamlessly conducted the proceeding for their client. The Parsons Virtual Trial Team worked hard to prepare and advocate for their client’s interests, utilizing available technology, in conjunction with their traditional trial experience, to maximize the efficiency and professionalism of their trial presentation. Virtual trials for civil matters are likely to become more common in the near future, possibly including even jury trials as other jurisdictions in the United States are working through jury trials by online platform.

Given this experience, the Parsons Virtual Trial Team is well positioned to help clients navigate the complexities of trial in a digital environment by understanding the significance and nuances associated with conducting the following virtually:

  • Examination of witnesses and addressing witness credibility
  • Presentation of document evidence
  • Optimizing video and audio of on-line presentation
  • Opening and closing arguments

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