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Alert: CDC Revises Guidance on Indoor Masks for Vaccinated Persons
May 13, 2021

Employers should expect many questions and possibly some complaints regarding mask requirements, beginning today. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has updated guidance stating that fully-vaccinated people, e.g. those two weeks past their second dose of a two-dose vaccination, may stop wearing masks in most indoor locations. The CDC also stated that fully-vaccinated people no longer need to physically distance in most places.

Of course, the guidance from the CDC is not precisely the same thing as your office policy. Nor is it precisely the same thing as your local mask order ordinance, if your locality has one in place.  But we believe employees may begin to adjust expectations based upon today’s announcement, and that employers should be prepared to respond.

If you have not mandated vaccines as an employer, or if you have not collected information on those in your workplace who are vaccinated, you may be wondering how to weigh the risk in your workplace now that the guidance has changed, and whether to keep an indoor mask mandate in place .

For help determining any of the following, please contact us. We can help.

  • Whether to make vaccines mandatory
  • Whether to discontinue your office mask mandate
  • How to weigh the risk of COVID-19 transmission in your particular business, in your specific area

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