Diversity & Inclusion

Our Position

As we have watched Black Lives Matter protests across the country and world, Parsons Behle & Latimer is recommitting itself to the opposition of racism and the promotion of equal opportunity. We want to be part of the solution. We are listening and learning. As an institution, we want to be part of the conversation about sustainable change. We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our firm and our communities.

How We’re Getting There

Our efforts are focused in the key areas of education; community involvement; and equitable access to legal services for all populations. To guide these efforts, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion steering committee, comprised of a diverse group of attorneys and professional staff, and led by shareholder Christina M. Jepson, ensure our policies and practices equitably address the needs of all employees and the communities we serve.

We are a cofounding member and financial investor of the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion and are working toward certification. Our partnership with UCLI provides the firm training and the necessary tools to address existing and future hiring and retention; and advancement and inclusion challenges for women and other diverse attorneys and professional staff.


Firm Leadership

Hal J. Pos
President and Chief Executive Officer
Salt Lake City
Shawn C. Ferrin
Chairperson of the Board
Salt Lake City
Richard J. Angell
Vice President and Secretary
Salt Lake City
Bruce H. White
Vice President and Treasurer
Salt Lake City
Juliette P. White
Vice President
Salt Lake City