Corporate Governance & Compliance

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Corporate Governance and Compliance; Internal Investigations

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Parsons Behle & Latimer’s attorneys are experienced in working with clients to design and implement corporate governance and compliance programs to address regulatory obligations and to mitigate legal exposure that could result from improper conduct. As part of our corporate governance services, we consult with clients on implementing policies, controls and procedures, including whistleblower policies; evaluating high-risk areas of operations; creating codes of conduct and employee manuals; performing compliance training and education programs; disclosure obligations; and conducting investigations and taking corrective action.

When a company is faced with any actual or alleged impropriety or noncompliance, we can assist in conducting internal investigations, uncovering misconduct, protecting a company against spurious allegations, or responding to allegations of wrongdoing. We are experienced at assisting clients with all stages of investigations, including document examination (such as email and contract review), employee interviews, background checks, financial audits, and other areas. We have conducted internal investigations focused on allegations of internal theft, embezzlement, computer hacking, trade secret theft, bribery, violating securities laws, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination.