Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

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Solutions To a Wide Range of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Concerns

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients address cybersecurity and data privacy matters. 

Every business leverages the internet to reach customers and provide goods and services. The interconnections between businesses and customers creates an opportunity to gather mountains of data for marketing and sales. In response to ever growing volume of customer data, countries around the globe have executed laws protecting customers’ privacy rights at the expense of business practices. Those countries have also increased security standards to protect their customers’ information.

Businesses that fail to address the ever changing landscape of state, national, and international laws face steep regulatory fines, embarrassing public disclosures, and dramatic revenue losses.
At Parsons Behle & Latimer, our Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group has the experience and expertise to help clients with a myriad of cybersecurity and data privacy laws. As detailed below, we focus on four key areas to comprehensively address security and privacy concerns.

Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation

Clients of all sizes enter into privacy and security agreements. Our group reviews those agreements to identify security and privacy obligations, and whether those obligations create unforeseen liability. Our group has helped our clients negotiate those obligations and helped clients draft more equitable agreements. We’ve also helped limit our clients’ security and privacy liability by drafting contracts that extend our clients’ security and privacy obligations to our clients’ vendors, suppliers, and processors.

Policies and Procedures

No business wants to be caught flat-footed by a data breach. Our group helps clients proactively address security and privacy concerns by developing policies and procedures addressing state, national, and international regulations. Our policies serve as a foundation for our clients’ security and privacy programs and can include provisions for: training, recording processing activities, subcontracting, international data transfers, incident response, electronic and physical security measures, and data minimization.

Our security and privacy procedures build on our policies and provide guidance for achieving policy objectives.

Incident Response

When a client suffers a data breach, it needs steady and practiced attorneys who can confidently guide the client through the incident. Through swift response, our group helps extend the attorney-client privilege to the incident response process. Our group also helps clients analyze an incident’s scope, affected parties, and reporting obligations.


Through negotiation, our group has helped clients resolve data breach claims before they turn into a lawsuit. In the event negotiations fail, our group can help clients defend individual and class-action data breach claims in state and federal court. Our group can also help clients advocate for insurance coverage concerning data breach incidents and litigation.

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