Preventative Counseling, Mediation & ADR

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Helping our Clients to Find Effective Dispute Solutions

Our attorneys have significant experience in finding the best available options to resolve conflicts.

Often, employment disputes arise from unaddressed misunderstandings or errors in the employment relationship. The labor and employment attorneys at Parsons Behle & Latimer provide preventative counseling to employers to address and eliminate such misunderstandings or errors and reduce the potential for costly litigation.

In cases where disputes cannot be avoided, in addition to using litigation, our attorneys employ a full array of resolution methods, such as negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration. For many disputes, these resolution methods can offer cost effective and swift alternatives to litigation, as well as creative solutions and confidentiality not available in litigation. We work closely with our client to assess the dispute, the client’s business goals, and the outcome sought. We then help the client choose the best route to resolution.