Trade Secret Litigation

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Protecting Your Company’s Trade Secrets

Our attorneys can help you find the best solutions to preserve your company’s confidential and proprietary information.

Parsons Behle & Latimer’s IP Litigation team has partnered with clients to prosecute and defend claims of trade secret misappropriate in numerous jurisdictions across the United States in state and federal courts. Accordingly, we have extensive experience in working with companies regarding what is often pivotal, non-public information essential to their continued business operations. Because of our national experience, we are familiar with the changing nature of trade secret law from state to state, and we frequently advise clients regarding the impact of those laws.

We have successfully represented clients in trade secret misappropriation claims in industries ranging from construction to highly specialized medical devices, and we are well acquainted with the best means of presenting such cases to juries. We further advise businesses on the optimal means of protecting their highly confidential, mission-critical information via the drafting of employment agreements and policies that address non-competition and the non-disclosure of such information.

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