Whistleblower (Qui Tam) Cases

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An Established background in Qui Tam cases

Parsons' litigation team has been a leader representing individuals who bring forth whistleblower lawsuits.

There are many occasions when an employee or manager at a company uncovers fraud by that company against either the state or the federal government. Often times, this fraud relates to illegal marketing of medical devices or pharmaceuticals. The fraud can also include overbilling the state or federal government millions of dollars for services that are either insufficiently provided or not provided at all. Whistleblower cases can also arise over financial fraud against shareholders of a company in the form of cooked books, financial misstatements or other financial mismanagement.

In such cases, the individual who comes forward with facts showing misconduct generally shares in the very substantial fine which the government collects from the wrongdoer. Parsons Behle & Latimer has been a regional and national leader in representing individuals who want to do the right thing and come forward in whistleblower suits, often uncovering massive fraud and intentional wrongdoing as a result of corporate misconduct.