Workplace Investigations

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Experienced and Efficient Problem Solvers

We have the knowledge and resources needed to conduct workplace investigations with the most professional and effective approach.

Parsons Behle & Latimer’s employment attorneys are experienced in conducting timely and efficient workplace investigations in a variety of areas including sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, OSHA violations, and misconduct. We have conducted investigations involving very high-level employees and sensitive issues. Our attorneys have conducted investigations in many types of environments such as offices, mining sites, industrial sites, and hospitals. Sometimes an investigation requires only one attorney and sometimes it involves a team. Either way, we have the resources to put together the right investigation for your business. We can interview the witnesses, review the documents, make recommendations, and help your business take corrective actions if necessary.

Conducting an investigation in the workplace is never comfortable. But when it is necessary, you want to do it right. We believe it is always better to uncover problems and make corrections in a timely manner than to wait to be sued.