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How to Lay a Foundation to Get Your Evidence Introduced May 2020
May 04, 2020

Get Your Evidence Delivered to the Decision Makers Intact

You can't get your evidence admitted without establishing the proper evidentiary foundations. In this practical program, faculty will teach you how to lay a foundation for different types of evidence and avoid being tripped up by any objections opposing counsel will throw your way. Navigate the rules of evidence with confidence - register today!

  • Pick up preparation pointers that will help you avoid troubles at trial.
  • Learn how to authenticate social media posts, texts, emails and other electronic evidence.
  • Find out how to establish a proper foundation for medical records, business records and more.
  • See how to get your expert's testimony in - and keep theirs out.
  • Hear how to best introduce physical evidence at trial.
  • Convince the court that you've satisfied the fairness requirement for demonstrative evidence.

This is a rebroadcast of the original webcast delivered by Robert J. Kasieta and John A. Snow on August 14, 2019. Faculty will be available to answer your questions after the program.