We conduct a thorough due diligence process to identify any potential threats to your valuable intellectual property portfolio


In most commercial transactions, including licensing, financing, or acquisitions, a company’s most important assets are often its intellectual property assets. The value of a company’s intellectual property portfolio is often the driving force in its negotiating leverage and in determining the company’s value in a transaction. Parsons Behle & Latimer’s attorneys assist clients on either side of a transaction, whether a licensor or licensee or a buyer or a seller, in conducting intellectual property due diligence and identifying potential issues. We review patent, trademark and copyright portfolios and advise as to their relative strength and enforceability. We conduct due diligence of other intellectual property assets and review licensing and similar contracts to make sure clients are protected and are not unnecessarily exposed to economic and legal risk.

Parsons’ attorneys are flexible in their approach to due diligence and can participate at whatever level is required or directed by the client. With the extreme penalties that can be imposed on an enterprise for intellectual property violations, including failure to properly license software used in the business on a daily basis, the experience of Parsons’ attorneys is critical.


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