Counseling mortgage servicers, banks and credit unions 


Parsons Behle & Latimer's financial services attorneys advise and protect lenders, mortgage servicers and related financial entities both large and small. Consumer finance laws are changing at a rapid pace and our attorneys have a deep understanding and expertise of federal, state, local and regulatory law, and are educated and skillful in advising our consumer finance clients both large and small.

With a skilled team of paralegals and attorneys working in this area of law, we have significant expertise and depth. We have handled thousands of matters on behalf of mortgage servicers, banks and credit unions.

Attorneys from our team are experienced in consumer and commercial mortgage servicing, loan origination issues, foreclosures, loan and lease transactions, and defense of claims by both commercial and consumer borrowers. We work in state, federal, bankruptcy and appellate courts.

Our attorneys can assist clients in the following areas:

  • lender liability defense
  • managing and supervising outside firms
  • lien priority disputes
  • documenting mortgage loans
  • complex judicial and non-judicial foreclosures
  • mortgage repurchases
  • evictions
  • TILA defense
  • licensing
  • UCC litigation


Key Contacts

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Idaho Supreme Court – Successful Defense of Claims of Regulatory Violations (12 C.F.R. § 1024.41(g) – Regulation X)

Represented US Bank and SPS Loan Servicing and successfully obtained a judgment and prevailed on appeal. After the borrower defaulted on her Sun Valley vacation property mortgage, the loan servicer initiated nonjudicial foreclosure proceedings to sell her vacation home at auction. Borrower submitted multiple loan modification applications and appeals in an attempt to keep her vacation home, but all were ultimately rejected. As a result, borrower initiated the underlying action against U.S. Bank, and Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. (Lenders) in district court to enjoin the foreclosure sale based on allegations of regulatory and technical sale violations. The district court agreed with Parsons Behle & Latimer and dismissed the borrower’s action and allowed the foreclosure sale to take place.