Together with former Idaho classroom teachers and early childhood educators on the Idaho Public Television's (IPTV) education team, Parsons' attorney Garrett Kitamura worked to assemble robust Kindergarten Readiness Kits, which will be delivered at no cost to rural schools in Idaho based on the school's kindergarten registration. This is the fourth year of the program. Kitamura is a member of the board of directors of the Friends of Idaho Public Television.

As part of the team, Kitamura helped IPTV prepare 1,000 kits, which contain items such as a backpack, scissors, crayons, pencils, activity cards, write-and-wipe sheets for practicing as well as other materials to help children prepare for their first day of kindergarten.

Kitamura says, "I most enjoyed seeing all the wonderful materials we packed for the kids. The kit items are carefully selected by IPTV staff who have a deep knowledge of early-childhood education and it showed. Items consisted of everything from playdough to picture books and alphabet flashcards. It was a wonderful feeling to know that the kids receiving these kits would have the tools necessary to get a head start on their education."