Parsons' specialized attorneys offer a unique depth of knowledge of environmental and natural resource issues


Parsons Behle & Latimer has a proven record of providing exceptional legal services on a diverse range of environmental and natural resource matters. Our environmental law attorneys represent some of the world’s largest mining and industrial companies as well as small businesses and individuals on matters ranging from permitting new operations, e.g., mines, traditional and renewable power plants, pipelines and transmission lines and water projects. We ensure ongoing compliance with an increasingly complicated web of environmental regulations such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA and TRI, to acquisition or divestment, including related diligence of large natural resource and industrial projects.

We successfully litigate high-stakes environmental and natural resource cases; help clients deal with liability, apportionment and insurance issues from contaminated properties, e.g., under Superfund and LUST programs; and defend against alleged environmental crimes. In addition to our substantive legal expertise, we have well-established relationships with state (particularly in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming) and federal regulatory agencies that bolster our ability to provide unparalleled legal services.


Key Contacts

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EPA Compliance

Represented client in discussion with EPA regarding findings from an inspection compliance with Clean Air Act RMP and TRI requirements.

Clean-up Efforts

Represented client in legacy facility to address clean-up efforts from prior decades that did not completely eliminate the impacts of the site.

Mining Appeal

Intervened on behalf of mining LLC to support the defense of project approval, addressing challenges from environmental and Tribal non-governmental organizations related to project's approval and subsequent environmental analysis.