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Virtually all of today’s businesses, from start-ups to publicly traded multi-national corporations, utilize technology in their operations or provide goods or services in the technology space.  In short, all businesses are technology businesses.

The use of technology is pervasive and that usage is increasing at exponential rates. Few businesses could compete in the marketplace today without utilizing the latest technology advancements in order to sustain their operations and growth.  The best of these business use state-of-the-art technology to rise above all others in their chosen industries, and this technology allows these businesses to achieve efficiencies not otherwise possible.

For businesses providing goods or services in the technology space, keeping pace with new developments and with competitors is paramount.  Sustained research and development drives product and service innovation which in turn translates into sales and market success.

The key legal driver of this technology is intellectual property.  Patents, copyrights trademarks and trade secrets are the modern tools used to achieve business success. This intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of an enterprise.  Inventing, developing, acquiring and protecting these assets are of critical importance.  Transactions and commercial arrangements involving these intellectual property assets are equally critical for businesses looking to capitalize on the best technology, partner with leaders in the industry, and interface with customers.

Whether a business operates in the computer, software, hardware, mobile device, semiconductor, telecommunications, IT, web services, e-commerce, financial services, health care management, or other market sector, the Parsons Behle & Latimer Technology, Licensing and Intellectual Property Transactions Team is uniquely qualified and positioned to provide clients with the very best legal services and advice needed for all forms of transactions and arrangements involving technology and intellectual property.  Quite simply, Parsons Behle & Latimer has the attorneys, support team, resources, experience and expertise clients are looking for and require to drive success.

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